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The well-being of your company is inextricably linked to the well-being of your team. Medley is here to support you in supporting your employees.

Coaching at a scalable price point

Medley is a membership that brings together professionals of different backgrounds to grow their leadership skills and broaden their perspectives. It’s an investment in your employees’ professional and personal development.

“I’ve seen firsthand that people who grow the most have all had people outside of their day-to-day lives that they could be their authentic selves with and turn to for advice and encouragement.

The perspective gained gives them a confidence that translates to both their careers and personal lives – and that is what Medley provides for its members.”

Edith Cooper
Edith Cooper
Medley Co-Founder
Board Member of Amazon and PepsiCo
Former CHRO of Goldman Sachs
90+% of members were satisfied with their Medley experience91% felt motivated and had more momentum for their personal and professional growth
Our members come from...
Boost your employees’ growth and wellbeing

We offer intimate, curated groups where professionals can feel safe to be themselves and be challenged.

A group of 6-8 diverse individuals with shared goals

Group coaching sessions twice a month led by a certified coach (ACC level or higher)

A curriculum tailored to develop critical leadership skills, including empathy, resilience, and reflection

“After being in Medley for a year, the experience I have found most valuable is meeting others who have supported me in broadening my perspective, and fueled my energy. I hope I have offered the same sounding board to others.”
Former member, Calgary
group of three diverse people
“It was an environment where we were constantly supporting each other. One person said I feel like an imposter in my job. We were able to respectfully say you are crazy. And that is where the interaction with people outside your company was useful. It was nice not to worry about being around people you know.”
Former member, New York
“After every meeting, I was able to walk away with some revelation, some action item I could apply to my day to day.”
Former member, Boston

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