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Everyone should have a Medley

A space to learn and grow with others.
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As Seen In

As Seen In

"A community in which young professionals can gain the skills they need to bring their most authentic selves to work without fear."


"Instead of bringing together a specific category of people, the goal of Medley is to connect users with people who aren’t just like them."


"Medley aims to break down silos through virtual group coaching sessions."


"We've always been women. We've always been mother-daughter. We've always been Black people. But [the launch of their startup] broadens the definition of the possible."

What is Medley?

A group in service of the individual

Medley is a membership for curious, growth-minded people who want a structured, social, and accessible way to invest in themselves.

When you join, you’re matched with seven others with similar intentions for their Medley experience. After orientation, the group meets every month with the guidance of a coach. Membership also includes access to discussion panels, forums, and workshops for further opportunities to learn, create, and grow.
About us

Here’s how we provide it all


Matched • Expert-Led • Personalized Experience
We believe a powerful group experience can inspire and provoke an individual’s journey. That’s why the heart of Medley is your Medley Group. Under the guidance of expert coaches, Medley Groups explore various themes and how they affect our lives—from the professional to the personal to the philosophical.
How it works


Curious • thoughtful • intentional
Medley is a gathering space, and through it you’ll be introduced to other deeply curious, open- and growth-minded people. Our application helps us ensure that all members are equally committed and engaged.
How it works

Thought Leadership

Workshops • Discussion panels • FORUMS
Access workshops, discussion panels, and forums for further opportunities to learn and create. We’ll bring leading voices to you digitally and in person, from wellness and art to medicine and finance.
How it works

What we believe


Small, close-knit groups are missing from the structure of modern life.


Joy, self-expression, and spontaneity aren’t just for young people.


Learning and self-actualization are life-long pursuits.


We are far more than our job titles.

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