Together, let’s evolve what leadership means – and how it’s built 

At Medley, we’re experts in small group coaching that empowers emerging leaders to be more authentic, dynamic, and inclusive to grow their impact

We believe in the power of small groups to help leaders grow

Medley groups are thoughtfully curated to build self-awareness, broaden perspectives, and foster connections – enabling you to reach your full potential, in work and in life

Medley’s Growth Philosophy combines:

Proprietary Matching Methodology
Network of Expert Coaches
Personalized Content, Curriculum, and Events
Diverse Community of Emerging Leaders
The Power of Curated Small Groups
A Network of Expert Coaches
Personalized Content, Curriculum, and Events
Access to a Diverse Community of Emerging Leaders

Hear from our Medley Community

“Our group comes from all backgrounds but we're all working on similar things in our lives. Talking through goals and reflecting with them consistently has been pretty magical.”

– Connor, Miami, FL

“Medley’s matching has been the best part 
by far. I feel like I was destined to work 
with my group!”

– Michelle, Brooklyn, NY

“I’ve left every meeting energized, 
inspired and happy to be part of the 
Medley community.”

– Katherine, Brooklyn, NY

“My Medley group has given me an opportunity to work through life and work-related challenges in a safe forum.”

– Brad, Chicago, IL

“What I’ve valued the most is speaking with like-minded people that have a new perspective on my experience. Medley is my space to reflect.”

– Chelsea, Brooklyn, NY

“The best part of Medley is the group experience. They provide you a safe space to be open and authentic while sharing your goals, fears and challenges. It's been powerful to grow with one another.”

– Christy, San Jose, CA

“In my first year of Medley, I was able to make a friendship with another member that I hope to last a lifetime. Medley groups foster these types of meaningful connections, which are invaluable.”

– Timothy, Dallas, TX

“The support my group provides has been incredible. It’s having others listen to you respectfully, see you, without judgment, and realize that you are not alone in any challenges.”

– Tali S., Tzur Hadassah, Israel

“One of the most valuable pieces of Medley is getting to hear about other people’s experiences and learn from each other’s perspectives.”

– Audrey N., Brooklyn, NY

med·ley (n.):

a varied and diverse assortment of people and styles pulled together; a masterpiece composed from parts of what already exists