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A community for the intentional and the curious to get what they want out of life — at home, at work, and within themselves.

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Nice to meet you, we’re Medley.

Medley is your space to zoom out of the day to day and zoom in on the stuff that actually matters. Like your relationships. Like your career goals. Like your choice of breakfast cereal (just kidding — but also, we don’t judge).

It’s kinda like a playground, for your goals: a place to let all the distractions go, get focused on what you want, and have the support of a small group to get you there.

Virtual session with seven members and a coach.


Once you’re a Medley member, you’re matched to a group with 6-8 individuals with a variety of backgrounds, all focused on the same goal. We know having many perspectives is better than one.


As a group, you’ll chart your course over the next 4 months using our curriculum as a guide. Your coach will navigate you through it all, and empower you not only as a participant, but as a peer coach as well.

Member card of Evelyn Harvey, business development associate in Florida, United States. Member card of Alex Rohan, creative director in Switzerland.


As a member, you’ll have access to our worldwide community of intentionally-minded folks who, like you, could skip the small talk.


Our members-only events are packed with programming that dip into a variety of themes to help you hone a whole host of skills — from gettin’ efficient to building empathy. Plus, this is where you’ll get to connect even deeper with other members outside your group.

Set of previous events, including Designing Your Life, Deflating Imposter Syndrome, etc.
A space to learn about yourself,
with others



Pay in full and you’ll never have to think about it again.


Parcel out the payments if that works better with your other financial commitments.

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If membership cost isn’t accessible, reach out. We never want pricing to be a barrier.

Your 12-month membership includes tools to...

Craft your journey
  • Two 20-minute private check-ins with your coach

  • Downloadable content to work through in your time

  • Reflection tools to track your progress

  • Access to Medley’s designated Membership team

Connect with your group
  • A group of 6-8 folks picked out just for you

  • 8 bi-weekly group sessions led by a certified coach

  • Curated curriculum with over 20 sessions to choose from

Build a community
  • Private Slack channel for members

  • Access to Medley members around the world

  • Weekly events

From previous members

“I joined Medley at a time of transition in my personal and professional life, when a lot of exciting but scary change was on the horizon. It has been so helpful, and so rewarding, to be part of a community of diverse perspectives and mutual support. Medley has helped me lift out of "reactive mode" in my life to a place where I'm much more intentional about who and what I want to be--and part of the joy is helping others get there, too.”

Emma C.

“Medley has created a really great problem for me. Every Tuesday, Medley emails out upcoming workshops and events, and I scramble to figure out how I can fit as many into my schedule as possible. There are always so many interesting and relevant events on offer as I try to pursue a balance between corporate leadership, the transition to motherhood, and my continued growth on a personal level.”

Kirsten F.