What is Medley?
Medley is a small groups company. We believe small groups are incredibly powerful, and broadening access to high quality small group learning experiences will increase self-awareness, impact, and empathy in the world. We offer an annual membership designed to drive your growth and create space for you to explore, reflect, and define what matters most to you. Medley was founded by a mother-daughter team, and you can read more about our story here.
What is Medley membership?
Medley memberships are 12 months long. Throughout this time, members will take part in four months of group coaching sessions, engage in community-wide programming, have access to exclusive tools and resources to promote growth, and have the opportunity to build their community and network.
What does membership include?
Your Medley group is matched based on your area of focus - and meets 8 times over the course of four months. In your matching questionnaire, we learn more about your goals, what you’d like to focus on, and where you are in your journey. For example, you’re invited to rank how much you relate to to the following statements:

Balance: I’m feeling fine but I’m on the verge of burnout. I want to create a more integrated and sustainable life for myself.
Fuel: I’m on the path that I want to be on and I’m looking for fuel to help me thrive.
Career Transition: I’m brave and ready to shift professional gears. I want to explore and own the narrative around my next role.
Leadership: I’m an inspirational leader who’s also looking for some inspiration. I want to further develop my skill set to support others being the best version of themselves.
Creator: I am a founder, artist, or entrepreneur with big dreams. I want to sharpen my own vision, explore the big questions, and take action towards my purpose.

It might be you’re looking for something else, and we create space for that too. We look forward to meeting you.
Who is Medley for?
Medley is for anyone who is eager to commit to their growth and development over a sustained period of time and journey with others. Rather than focusing on specific demographics, locations, industries, or professional titles, we focus on goals and intention. If you want to join Medley, and want to commit, we can (almost always) find a group for you.

P.S. Sometimes people think that we’re just for women - we’re not.  We welcome individuals of all genders as Medley members.
When can I apply? How often do you review applications?
Applications are currently open. We review applications on a rolling basis, as we have new groups starting each month.
When will my group sessions start?
Your group sessions will most likely start the month after you apply to become a Member. For example, if you apply in February, you will most likely begin group coaching in March.
How often do groups meet?
Groups meet a total of eight times over the first four months of your membership. Sessions are bi-monthly, 90 minutes long, and hosted on Zoom.
What happens in a Medley group session? 
Outside of group coaching, what else can I expect with my membership? 
How much is a Medley membership?
What happens if I can’t make all my group sessions?
What if the timing for my group session no longer works?
What if I want to cancel my Medley membership?
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