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Everyone should have a Medley

A space to learn and grow with others. Our membership includes personalized group coaching programs, high-quality content, and access to a community of other life-long learners.

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Your place for personal and professional growth

Medley is a membership that harnesses the power of small groups to help people grow.

Medley is for curious, growth-minded people who want a structured, social, and accessible way to invest in themselves.



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How It Works


Complete your application and choose a Medley Track as your focus.


Get Matched

Join 6-8 other individuals with similar goals for their Medley experience.


Begin your year of Medley

Take part in 4 months of group coaching sessions, with access to events and programming alongside the wider Medley community all year.


Kind words from our members

"I have had significant breakthroughs that impact the ways I relate to my life's trajectory, my motivations, my relationships, and most importantly, how I relate to myself. Medley has helped me come face-to-face with my scarcity mindset, imposter syndrome, and a habitual fear of goal-setting by teaching me how to drive results from my wants. It's a greater growth catalyst than I could have imagined."

"It has been so helpful, and so rewarding, to be part of a community of diverse perspectives and mutual support. Medley has helped me lift out of ‘reactive mode’ in my life to a place where I'm much more intentional about who and what I want to be--and part of the joy is helping others get there, too."

Why Medley?

The world is a Medley of difference. We embrace it.

Personalized Experience

Your Track is uniquely designed for your goals.


Group membership is designed to drive commitment and impact.

Inclusive Community

Meet people outside your bubble and bring your whole self to the table.

Everyone is on a journey, but that journey shouldn’t be solo.

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