About us

We’re creating the best way to grow as people, in our own lives and careers, as well as in our communities and society.

Zoom meeting with eight employees.

Our founders

Edith Cooper

Edith has built her career on creating environments where people can perform to their potential, and she founded Medley to bring this expertise to a broader audience.  She is one of the nation's leading Black business executives, having spent 30 years on Wall Street. Most recently, she was a Partner, Executive Vice President, and the Head of Human Capital Management at Goldman Sachs.

In addition to her role as Co-Founder of Medley, she serves on several public company boards, including Amazon, PepsiCo, EQT Partners, and nonprofit boards such as the Museum of Modern Art, the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, and Mount Sinai Hospital.

Jordan Taylor

Jordan’s purpose is to create teams and groups where people can be their true selves. She co-founded Medley because throughout her life, she’s felt the power that comes from being part of a team, and felt the void when it’s missing.

Prior to founding Medley, Jordan worked in media as Chief of Staff at Mic and was a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group. She received her AB from Harvard College and her MBA from Harvard Business School, where she was a Baker Scholar.

HQ team

Nellie Choi
head of operations & strategy
Soundtrack to my perfect day:

I’m Every Woman

My superpower:

Wrapping gifts without scissors

Emma Christus
chief of staff
Soundtrack to my perfect day:

Loving Is Easy

My superpower:

Sudoku and KenKen Puzzles

Tim Kung
chief product officer
Soundtrack to my perfect day:


My superpower:

Being a karaoke disaster

Dominique Mas
Head of Coaching & Curriculum
Soundtrack to my perfect day:

Anything Motown!

My superpower:

Trusting my gut

Sarah Agopian
head of memberships
Soundtrack to my perfect day:

Dancing Queen

My superpower:

Celebrating others!

Shabrina Jiva
general manager, enterprise
Soundtrack to my perfect day:

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

My superpower:

Speaking English with no French accent

Sarah Cox
Senior Operations manager
Soundtrack to my perfect day:

Banana Pancakes

My superpower:

Finding the knockoff version of things

Iskandar Rafiev
Principal Software Engineer
Soundtrack to my perfect day:

The Inside Man

My superpower:

Annoying others with over-analysis

Becca Bae
senior product designer
Soundtrack to my perfect day:

Raspberry Beret

My superpower:

Expertly folding a fitted sheet

Blayne Planit
member success associate
Soundtrack to my perfect day:

Boogie Wonderland

My superpower:

Making a delicious banana bread without a recipe

Our coaches

Mark Guay
Deidra Mascoll Idehen
Karen Palmer
Jomar Gomez
Tamara Gropper
Adam Mirabella
Marissa Fernandez
Catherine Pao
Mike Bruny
Isilay Cabuk
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